ASX Announcements

February 2018 Altech - Malaysian Manufacturing Licence Approval (21 February)
Altech - Corporate Presentation Germany and USA Roadshow (14 February)
Altech Executes Commitment and Final Terms US$190m Loan (02 February)
January 2018 Quarterly Activities and Cashflow Report (31 January)
Appendix 3Y (11 January)
Malaysian Manufacturing Licence Lodged (09 January)
Change in substantial holding (08 January)
Cleansing Statement and Appendix 3B (03 January)
December 2017 Appendix 3Y (20 December)
Project Finance Debt Package Increased to US$190 million (20 December)
Expiry of unlisted options (19 December)
Becoming a substantial holder (15 December)
Positive Decision German Export Credit Cover (15 December)
Change in substantial holding (14 December)
Cleansing Statement and Appendix 3B (11 December)
Corporate Presentation (11 December)
Altech - Cleansing Statement & Appendix 3B (04 December)
Results of Annual General Meeting (01 December)
November 2017 Altech - Corporate Presentation 121 Mining Investment London (28 November)
Low Emission & Technology Minerals Conference (14 November)
USD$ 15 million equity support from SMS group (09 November)
Change in substantial holding (06 November)
Corporate Presentation International Metals Conference (06 November)
Change in substantial holding (03 November)
Cleansing Statement & Appendix 3B (02 November)
Annual Report to shareholders (Revised) (01 November)
Quarterly Activities & Cash Flow Report (01 November)
Annual Report to shareholders (01 November)
October 2017 Notice of Annual General Meeting and Proxy Form (27 October)
Reinstatement to Official Quotation (27 October)
Successful $17 million Share Placement (27 October)
Suspension from Official Quotation (25 October)
Trading Halt (23 October)
Positive Final Investment Decision Study (FIDS) (23 October)
Altech finalises design of 4,500tpa HPA plant (20 October)
Appendix 3Y (18 October)
Altech - Option Exercised for purchase of Meckering land (17 October)
Response to ASX Price and Volume Query (10 October)
September 2017 Appendix 4G (29 September)
Full Year Statutory Accounts (29 September)
Altech Sets Export Credit Finance Approval Target Date (15 September)
Altech launches German language website (12 September)
August 2017 Works Approval granted for Meckering kaolin deposit (30 August)
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