ASX Announcements

November 2018 Constitution (14 November)
Development Order Application for HPA Plant (14 November)
Results of Meeting (13 November)
Altech - Withdrawal of AGM Resolution (12 November)
Letter to Shareholders (08 November)
Altech - Schedule of Patent Applications Update (02 November)
October 2018 Quarterly Activities and Cashflow Report (31 October)
Annual Report to shareholders (31 October)
Altech - Company Presentation (17 October)
Company Presentation (17 October)
Patent Granted for Kaolin to HPA Production Process (16 October)
Mezzanine debt due diligence update (10 October)
Notice of General Meeting/Proxy Form (09 October)
Altech - HPA Market Update Lithium-ion Battery Sector (02 October)
September 2018 Appendix 3B (Performance Rights) (27 September)
Appendix 4G (27 September)
Full Year Statutory Accounts (27 September)
Geotech survey at Johor HPA site well advanced (05 September)
August 2018 Resumption of Trading of Securities (23 August)
Trading Halt - Re Released (22 August)
Trading Halt (22 August)
Company Presentation August 2018 (20 August)
Official Groundbreaking Ceremony at Johor HPA Site (10 August)
Change in substantial holding (09 August)
Cleansing Statement and Appendix 3B (06 August)
Appendix 3Y x 6 (06 August)
$4.3 million raised via Share Purchase Plan (01 August)
July 2018 Quarterly Activities and Cashflow Report (31 July)
Altech Completes HPA Site Clearance Work at Johor, Malaysia (27 July)
Ceasing to be a substantial holder (20 July)
Change in substantial holding (19 July)
Appendix 3B and Cleansing Statement (16 July)
Altech Executes Stage 1 Construction Agreement for HPA Plant (12 July)
Altech - Share Purchase Plan (11 July)
Cleansing Statement (Share Purchase Plan) (09 July)
Altech - $20 million Capital Raising (09 July)
Trading Halt (05 July)
June 2018 Stream Finance Term Sheet Signed (15 June)
Appendix 3Y's (Revised) - Tan & Bailey (14 June)
Appendix 3Y x 6 (13 June)
Appendix 3B (13 June)
Constitution (12 June)
Results of Meeting (12 June)
Forecast surge in HPA demand driven by Lithium-ion Battery (08 June)
Forecast Surge in HPA Demand driven by Lithium-ion Battery Sector (08 June)
Altech - Company Presentation (05 June)
Altech - Malaysian Manufacturing Licence Received (01 June)
May 2018 Altech makes final instalments for Johor HPA site (22 May)
Altech Receives First Mezzanine Debt Term Sheet (11 May)
Notice of General Meeting/Proxy Form (10 May)
Altech - Company Presentation (07 May)
Quarterly Activities and Cashflow Report (01 May)
April 2018 Change of Director's Interest Notice (13 April)
VolkAltech (13 April)
Altech Completes Purchase of Freehold Land over Mining Lease (05 April)
March 2018 Half Yearly Report and Accounts (15 March)
Australian Energy & Battery Minerals Investor Conference 15 March 2018 (15 March)
Altech advances final stage of project financing (14 March)
February 2018 Change in substantial holding (27 February)
Altech lodges new provisional patent application (27 February)
Manufacturing licence approved for HPA plant (21 February)
Altech - Corporate Presentation Germany and USA Roadshow (14 February)
Altech Executes Commitment and Final Terms US$190m Loan (02 February)
January 2018 Quarterly Activities and Cashflow Report (31 January)
Appendix 3Y (11 January)
Malaysian Manufacturing Licence Lodged (09 January)
Change in substantial holding (08 January)
Cleansing Statement and Appendix 3B (03 January)
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