ASX Announcements

December 2019 Altech - Altech Advanced Materials AG Capital Raise Update (20 December)
Altech - SPP Acceptance Date Extended (19 December)
Appendix 2A - Revised (11 December)
Appendix 3B (11 December)
Cleansing Statement - Issue of Securities (11 December)
Appendix 2A (11 December)
Altech - Investment Tax Allowance approved for HPA Project (10 December)
Security Purchase Plan (06 December)
Cleansing Notice - Share Purchase Plan (06 December)
Proposed issue of Securities - ATC (05 December)
Altech - $1.8 million Share Placement and Initiation of SPP (05 December)
Trading Halt (03 December)
Altech - Altech Advance Materials AG Fund Raising Update (02 December)
November 2019 Altech - HPA use in Semi-Conductor Applications (26 November)
Change in substantial holding (21 November)
Appendix 3Y - Tunku Yaacob Khyra (18 November)
Altech - $2m Deferred Placement Funds Rec'd (Appendix 3B) (18 November)
Results of Meeting (14 November)
Altech - Experienced German Executive Appointed to AAM Board (12 November)
October 2019 Quarterly Activities Report and Cash Flow Statement (31 October)
Altech - HPA Plant Construction Update (30 October)
Attendance at InterBattery 2019 Korea (18 October)
Annual Report to shareholders (11 October)
Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form (11 October)
German Equity Strategy Update - Altech Advanced Materials (11 October)
September 2019 Altech - Company Presentation (30 September)
Appendix 4G (20 September)
Full Year Statutory Accounts (20 September)
Altech Invitation Received to Construct HPA Plant in Germany (18 September)
August 2019 HPA plant construction update (30 August)
German Project Equity Strategy Commences (23 August)
Change in substantial holding (19 August)
Appendix 3B and Cleansing Statement (16 August)
All conditions precedent satisfied for German project equity strategy (14 August)
Company Presentation (02 August)
July 2019 Appendix 3B - Vest of employee Performance Rights (31 July)
Quarterly Activities and Cashflow Report (30 July)
Appendix 3B - Vest of employee Performance Rights (19 July)
Altech Youbisheng approval of Altech Board Nominees (19 July)
Altech launches German project equity strategy (18 July)
HPA Plant Construction Update (16 July)
CRU Upgrades Base-Case HPA Demand Forecast (03 July)
June 2019 HPA Plant Stage 1 Construction Update (18 June)
Appendix 3B and Cleansing Statement (14 June)
Results of Meeting (06 June)
May 2019 Change in substantial holding (15 May)
First Steel Raised at HPA Plant Construction Site (07 May)
Notice of General Meeting/Proxy Form (06 May)
Change in substantial holding (03 May)
April 2019 Quarterly Activities Report (30 April)
Becoming a substantial holder (29 April)
Cleansing Statement & Appendix 3B (26 April)
Altech - $18 million Placement Anchored by German Investors (16 April)
Altech - Investor Site Visit To View HPA Plant Construction (15 April)
Altech - Company Presentation (15 April)
Trading Halt (12 April)
March 2019 Half Yearly Report and Accounts (13 March)
Altech - HPA Plant Stage 1 Construction Update (12 March)
Altech Appoints Macquarie Bank as Mezzanine Debt Arranger (08 March)
Altech - Executive Insights Virtual Conference Participation (06 March)
HPA Coated Battery Separator Market Update (06 March)
February 2019 Company Presentation RIU Fremantle (21 February)
Mezzanine Finance Proceeds to Next Stage (19 February)
January 2019 Quarterly Activities and Cashflow Report (31 January)
Mezzanine Debt Technical Review Completed (29 January)
Development Order Approved for Malaysian HPA Plant (24 January)
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